“In the beginning…”

Sunday School:  Session B

This week for the first time, we’ll gather  in our classrooms.  Count on spending at least five minutes at the beginning of the hour welcoming children and parents. Today, and for now on, he Sunday School “hour” will last from 10:05 – 10:45.  At 10:45 (when you hear the music), please come out into the CE Commons area to join in a time of singing.  Parents will pick up their children from the CE Commons.

“Hear the word”: This week’s text is  Genesis 1:1-2:4   We will spend three Sundays with the first three chapters of Genesis.    Take time today with the creation story in Genesis 1.  Feel free to use some of the illustrated versions of that story that will be set out.

Overview:  The very first question in the catechism is laid out as follows:

Q.  What are we by nature?

A.  We are part of God’s creation, made in the image of God.

Today, we will be hearing the Genesis 1 creation story as a way to begin to learn about God, creator of heaven and earth and as a way to begin to learn about ourselves.  With younger children, we are often tempted to “explain” the story of creation.  Certainly, acknowledge hard questions, but take time this week to listen to the story again together.


(1.)  Children will identify God as the creator of heaven and earth, “of all that is, seen and unseen.”

(2.)  Children will give thanks for particular gifts of creation that they have experienced within the last week.

Respond to the word with activities:

(a.)  Split the children up into 7 small groups, and ask each group to read the scripture  and make an image of their “day” of creation.  Provide a wide range of art materials for children to work with.  If you choose this option, save the artwork and we can display it in the CE Commons.  Or, use modeling clay or air dry clay (both availabile in craft closet) or play dough to model parts of God’s creation.

(b.)  Scavenger hunt:  Split into 2 groups  and give each group 6 (or 7 for fun!) disposable cups labeled with the numbers 1 – 6/7. Tell them they need to find samples of something from each day of creation. Let them be creative in their samples. They will have to be able to roam the campus. Have them carry Bibles and look up the story  if they can’t remember what was created on each day. Get back together at a specified time and let them show you and the other team what they came up with.

c.)  “Hot Potato”:  Have the group stand in a circle, passing a ball (we have 2 inflatable globes…) from person to person.  Play some music (CD players will be available.)  When the music stops, the person holding the ball will answer one of the following questions.  If s/he answers wrong, have him/her stand in the middle of the circle until someone else answers a question correctly.  Question examples include –

– Name one thing that God created on the first (or second, third…) day.

– What did God say about God’s creation?

– According to the Genesis story, did God create fish (or plants, or…) first, or animals first?

(d.)  Creation Wheel:  Use this template, or make your own.

(e.)  For younger children:

Here is a creation finger play

Here are some number cards that younger children can practice putting in order.

Pray together:

You may have already established a weekly prayer routine for your class.  If not, consider spending time giving thanks for the wonderful world that God has created by asking the children to name parts of God’s creation for which they are especially thankful.  See last week’s post for other group prayer ideas.


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