An excerpt from _The BIble in Rhyme_ by Samara Doumnande

While not the most accurate translation, this rhyme might be a fun way to read through the story with your class.

From Gen. 12

Now, as Noah’s line went on,

Several generations gave birth to a man named Abram.

And the Lord raised his voice and spoke to Abram one day,
Saying, ‘Go forth to the native land of your father, that way.
And I will make many nations of you someday.
I will make you rename great, and you shall be a blessing, too, in this way:
All that blesses you, shall be blessed,
And all who curse you, will wish they cursed you less.
See, anyone who curses you, curses himself,
And anyone who blesses you, will be blessed, themselves.’
So Abram took his wife, and his nephew Lot, down to Canaan,
And when Abram entered Canaan, the Lord appeared to Abram.
Saying, ‘Abram, see this land?  I assign it to you and your generations.’

From Gen. 15 – 

The Lord appeared to Abram again, when he was ninety-nine.
He said, ‘I am El-Shaddai.  Walk in my ways and be blameless.
And throughout the nations, your name shall be famous,
As you’ll be the father of a multitude of nations.
And from this day on, you shall no longer be called Abram.
But from this point on, they shall call you Abraham.
Now, Abraham, my son, I will make you exceedingly numerous.
Listen to my words; they speak of a covenant between us:
A covenant to last between Myself and your offspring throughout the ages,
In which I promise to be your God, no matter where you go, and in all kinds of places.
Now, as for your wife Sarai, she shall be called Sarah now.
Now, I’m going to tell you something big, Abraham, that will give you a ‘wow’!
As for your wife Sarah, I shall bless her also.
And although you may not believe me, in time you’ll see that it’s possible.
In time your wife will give birth to a child,
And she shall give birth to him, in only a short while.
When he is born, you shall call him Isaac,
And I shall keep my promise through him:  an everlasting covenant.

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