Making Way for a Savior

Hear the Word:

Luke 1:57-80Luke 2:1-20 (you might have to choose one text to focus on because of limited time)

The Song of Zechariah is on p. 92 of the Book of Common Prayer

Feel free to use a storybook Bible from our collection.  Our Kindergarten & 1st grade class will be using The Brick Bible‘s version of the Christmas story.

Background:  Recall the way that God provided Mary a friend and companion in Elizabeth.  How is Elizabeth’s promised son related to Jesus?  How is John called to make way for God?


(1.)  Children will describe Israel’s waiting for God, and Jesus as God’s answer to Israel’s prayer.  Children will recognize that in Jesus, God is with us.

Respond to the Word:

Only a few activities this week, but feel free to use your creativity to think of others.


a.  For centuries, Jews prayed for the Messiah to come.  In Jesus birth, death, and resurrection, God’s people saw their prayers fulfilled.  Discuss with your class how long the Jewish people prayed and waited for a Messiah.  What kind of leader were they expecting?  How did Jesus fulfill their expectations?  How did Jesus not meet expectations?Look at Luke 1:76-79.  How does Jesus fulfill Zechariah’s prophecy?

b.  Younger kids can skip straight to this step.  Make a prayer chain.  Cut out a strip of paper for each of the remaining days of Advent.  On each strip, write a prayer asking Jesus to come.   (Prayers can be as simple as “Come, Lord Jesus” or detailed enough to describe a situation into which we invite Jesus.)

(2.) (For 2nd grade and up:)   Read the Song of Zechariah together, and discuss it.  What is Zechariah prophesying?  Try to re-write the song in contemporary idiom.  Can you write a “Song of Zechariah” rap?

(3.)   Build a manger scene with play dough, legos, graham crackers, icing, and candy, peg people, playmobile characters…or some other artistic medium.  Let me know if I can provide supplies.  Take turns imagining how the various characters in the manger scene and nativity story  (shepherds, Mary & Joseph, animals, innkeeper) prepared for Jesus.  How do we prepare for Jesus?

Close in prayer.


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