“Who then is this?” Jesus calms a storm

Review:  Take a few moments to orient the class at the begin of the Sunday School hour.  Recall that we are in the second week of Lent.  Discuss what this season means.  Recall that we are preparing for Easter by learning more about the One who died and rose again to bring us new life.

Read the word:  You can find this story in Mark 4:35 – 41, or in Luke 8:22-25.

Classes with young children may want to use The Jesus Storybook Bible’s version of this story, “The Captain of the storm,” or the Children of God Storybook Bible’s version, “Jesus calms the storm.”

Recall that many of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen.  They had been in boats before…though they likely did not know how to swim.


(1.)  Children will re-tell the story in their own words.

(2.)  Older children will describe how Jesus called and helped his followers to trust in God.  (Possible further discussion:  how does Jesus call and help us to trust God?)


(1.)  Re-tell the story:

Divide the children in your class into two groups, give them any of the following materials, and invite them to re-tell the story in their own words.  Take turns watching the other group re-tell the story.

Possible materials:

– Wooden boat and wooden people (in Godly Play cabinet)

– Felt story-telling materials

– Pre-made books and art supplies (see supply cabinet in Advent box for books)

(2.)  Games:

(a.) Sinking Sails game

(b.) Make a rainstorm:  

Gather the children standing in a circle facing inwards.  Stand in the center of the circle facing the children.  Tell the children that you are going to create a “rainstorm.” They are to do what you do when you stand directly in front of them and continue doing that until you come back around the circle to them again, then they should do the new action you show them.  Then they will start doing what you are doing at that time, continue until you come back around and so on.  Stand right in front of a child and move quickly and smoothly around the circle.  Change actions when you have made a complete circle.

Here are the actions: 

Begin by rubbing your hands together (gentle rain)  Snap fingers together (harder rain)

Clap hands on thighs  (even harder rain)  Stomp feet (thunder)

Then go in reverse:

Clap hands on thighs Snap fingers together

Rub hands together End by holding your hand silently at your mouth (in a silent “shush” action)

(3.) Songs:  See here and here for song suggestions for young children.  Also, I’ve got this song on a CD for a class to borrow:  Jesus stops a storm.

(4.) Crafts:  Ocean in a bottle

(5.) Discussion:  Take turns telling stories about a time when you were afraid.  How does it feel to be afraid?  When we’re afraid, God promises us that we’re not alone.  How did the disciples on the boat experience God’s presence and care for them?  How have we experienced God’s presence and care for us?

Conclude in prayer.


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