Schedule of Lessons for 2014-2015

Last year (2013-2014) our lessons focused on the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We spent all of our time in the Gospels. This year, we will step back and take a wider look at the whole narrative of Scripture from Creation to the Coming Reign of God. It’s an ambitious task, but one that will help us see the story the church tells about who God is for all people. In order to organize these stories we will work roughly chronologically through Scripture using the 7 C’s–Creation, Crisis, Covenant, Christ, Church, Calling, and Coming Reign of God. This organizational approach is not intending to suggest that each story is only about one of the C’s; rather, the C’s function as an organizing principle to help make sense of some of the broader themes in Scripture.

Such an approach has its benefits (we get a big picture view) and drawbacks (in only 27 lessons, there is no way we can cover everything), so we must remember that our children will continue to hear these stories in the liturgies, at VCS, at intergenerational events, and when participating in the disciplines of the Book of Common Prayer. Exploring these stories will take their entire lives and this is just one small part.

Below you will find the list of planned lessons for the 2014-2015 program year at CHF. These lessons may be subject to change for scheduling reasons, but every attempt has been made to offer a complete picture that will need minimal changes.

Date Lesson Topic
September 7 Creation: God Creates the World (Genesis 1)
September 14 Creation: God Creates Humans and Rests on the Sabbath (Genesis 2)
September 21 Crisis: The Fall (Genesis 3)
September 28 Crisis and Covenant: Noah, the Flood, and God’s Promises (Genesis 6-9)
October 5 Crisis: Being Scattered at Babel
October 12 Covenant: God’s Promises to Sarah and Abraham (Gen. 15-18)
October 19 Covenant: Jacob is Named Israel
October 26 Covenant: Joseph
November 2 No SS, All Saints Intergenerational Event
November 9 Covenant: God remembers the people in Egypt/Moses is taken out of the water
November 16 Covenant: God Brings the People out of the Land and to Mount Sinai
November 23 Covenant: Samuel Anoints David (1 Samuel 16)
November 30 No SS, Advent Wreath Workshop
December 7 Crisis: The people of Israel in Exile
December 14 Christ: The Promise of a Savior
December 21 No SS, Intergenerational Carol Sing
December 28 No Sunday School
January 4 Christ: Travelers from the East Encounter Christ
January 11 Christ: Jesus is Taken to the Temple
January 18 Christ: Jesus Teaches in the Temple
January 25 Parish Annual Meeting
February 1 Christ: Jesus is Baptized
February 8 Christ and Calling: Jesus Calls the Twelve
February 15 Christ: The Beatitudes
February 22 Lent 1, Introduction to Lent
March 1 Christ: Nicodemus visits Christ in the Night
March 8 Christ: The woman caught in Adultery
March 15 Christ: Jesus Enters Jerusalem
March 22 Christ: From the Garden to the Cross
March 29 No SS, Palm Sunday Intergenerational Event
April 5 No SS, Easter Intergenerational Event
April 12 Jesus is Alive!
April 19 Jesus Ascends
April 26 Coming Reign of God (and Church): Pentecost
May 3 Church: Paul Spreads the Good News
May 10 Church: Stephen the First Christian Martyr
May 17 Coming Reign of God: New Heaven and New Earth
May 24 Pentecost



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