Church School Order of Worship

This blog serves a resource for Sunday School teachers as we venture into ways of learning, serving, and growing in Christ during our preparation and planning for Sunday School.

Welcome. Spend the first few minutes of the class welcoming each child by name, and helping them to find their place in the class.

Engaging With one Another. Many of the children will have just come from a liturgy where they’ve had to sit still and be quiet.  Take some time at the beginning of class to let children loosen up their bodies and minds by introducing an active or participatory game which relates to the day’s Scripture lesson. Games are a great way to get to know children better, and help them get to know one another. Remember, building strong relationships with the children in your class is a primary reason why we have Sunday School. It is important to take time during each class to build community.

Hear the Word. Take time to hear the day’s Scripture lesson in more than one way. Each week’s post offers suggestions for how you might do this.

Respond to the Word. Take time together or individually, to reflect on and respond to Scripture. This might be through discussion, an art project, skit, or act of service. This blog includes suggestions. You may also find more resources and ideas on the page Hearing and Responding to Stories, or on Holy Family’s Christian Education Pinterest Boards.

Pray Together. We long for the children of our parish to grow comfortable praying by themselves, with one another, and with other members of the Church.  Help introduce children to the practice of prayer by dedicating part of your Sunday School class each week to prayer. There are lots of ways to pray. This blog will include models for prayer that you can adapt for use in your classroom.

Eat Together. Even though children are only in Sunday School for an hour, a snack is a wonderful way to build community and enjoy God’s gifts. Teachers are welcome to bring “special snacks,” though ordinary crackers and waters are sufficient and will be available each week. When your class has finished, please prop open your door so that parents know they can pick up their children.

Posts before October 2013 were written by the Rev. Wren Blessing. Beginning October 2013, posts are authored by Angela Compton Nelson.


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